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Commercial Communication And Commercial Electronic Message Illumination Text

Personal data and contact information sent to Seçkin by filling out all kinds of communication and information forms on the Seçkin website (; Within the scope of the Law on the Regulation of Electronic Commerce and the Regulation on Commercial Communications and Commercial Electronic Messages, Seçkin Imaging and Private Health Services LTD. STI. For the purpose of customizing the products and services offered by Seçkin according to the needs and habits of the person concerned and creating campaigns and opportunities within the scope of the planning and execution of the marketing processes of personal data, including the ones related to my health status, and the fulfillment of the said services, Seçkin is responsible for By sending the contact form and approving the relevant fields, you are giving permission to the group companies, suppliers that it works or will work with, to be transferred and to the contact information specified in this context, about sending test and audit result information, survey, advertisement, promotion, campaign and similar commercial electronic messages.

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